The way I'd like to run my site, I want to leave questions open for ongoing discussion (much like individual blog posts where comments remain open). The idea of an "accepted" answer is not really useful to me, since that implies "Ok, this question is no longer interactive." Also, I pre-populated my database with several thousand questions, which all appear to have come from me, but the whole point of doing that was to spur conversation on the topics, not to get 1 answer and then accept it.

Anyway, what I'm wondering is whether I can just turn off accepting answers altogether. When it bugs me the most is in the "Unanswered" tab which shows and counts every question without an accepted answer. I'd much rather have it show me questions without any answers at all. Since I'm not accepting answers right now for my initial questions I constantly see a list of 3000 unanswered, even though at this point many dozens of them have been answered.

I realize that users will get credit for being the one to write the accepted answer, and without that, that's one less incentive for the user. I can live with that - I think that being voted to the top is useful enough as it is. Many of my questions are not "This question is completely right, nothing else can be added."

asked 19 May '11, 16:01

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That's the funny thing - I have "disallow answers to be accepted" checked. But I can still accept answers, and as mentioned, they are still counted in the unanswered section. Did I do it wrong? Is there another setting I need to change as well? Some cache I need to flush or restart?

(19 May '11, 20:15) dmorin

For clues on changing what the unanswered tab shows, see this previous question


answered 20 May '11, 00:16

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