Is there any kind of online chat room or IRC channel for people to discuss OSQA and get help?

asked 27 Mar '10, 12:08

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rickross ♦♦
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If you already have a Jabber or Google Talk account, you can join the chat room 'osqa' on server 'talk.dzone.com'. There are usually people in the chat room, and you are welcome to stick around as long as you wish. Depending on how your browser is setup, you may be able to join the chat automatically by clicking on this link: <xmpp:osqa@talk.dzone.com?join>

OSQA Chat on Jabber/GTalk/XMPP
Group: osqa
Server: talk.dzone.com
Auto-join: xmpp:osqa@talk.dzone.com?join

We also have recently opened a channel on IRC. It is just getting started, but you are welcome to jump in, chat and help get that moving, too!

OSQA Channel on Freenode IRC
Channel: #osqa
Server: irc.freenode.net
Auto-join: irc://irc.freenode.net/osqa

Please note: people have had lots of problems trying to use the Google Talk web-based chat client for group chats. You're likely to get much better results with an application like pidgin, Trillian, or Adium than with the Google client.


answered 27 Mar '10, 12:11

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rickross ♦♦
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Hernani Cerq... ♦♦

Which are the values that must be set in the configuration of Pidgin? I am a bit lost with the setup.

(22 Apr '10, 12:29) Oscar ♦

I too would like some help getting pidgin configured from scratch. What account do I use? Where do I sign up?

(22 Apr '10, 14:38) Joseph

To create a Jabber account: http://xmpp.org/services/

(22 Apr '10, 14:44) Joseph

In Pidgin, once you have logged in, go to "Join a Chat"

(22 Apr '10, 14:46) Joseph

OK, I'm fully stumped. I can't figure out how to configure Trillian Pro or GTalk to connect to dzone's chat room. Anyone figure it out so far?

(27 Apr '10, 21:02) Justin Grant

I haven't had luck with GChat.

(07 May '10, 17:19) Joseph

Hello, I just tried trillian and couldnt find the way to log in to the room, then I tried Gtalk and couldnt find it as well, then finally I installed pidgin and logged in with my google account, then search the room by enter talk.dzone.com, now I am in there with the gang, hope this helps

(08 May '10, 21:58) tuan

you can also use this web based service: https://www.jappix.com runs on open source software - jappix

(05 Sep '11, 06:34) elf-pavlik
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