Let's face it, OSQA is great but the default theme is looking buggy, cheap or incomplete.

OSQA is an open source product and it will surely use your contributions for the default theme.

PS. The attached picture is not scaled in the preview.

alt text

asked 20 Sep '10, 14:23

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Add some custom css or change the default theme's css file.

This is a style.css I was working on. It's not complete, but feel free to use and modify it.


alt text


answered 23 Feb '11, 15:59

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Besides the logo, it looks like you're on the right path. Seems it will be cool!

(23 Feb '11, 16:25) joe di castro

thanks, yeah, the logo is just a placeholder. :) The logo doesn't get set in the css anyway. Your theme looks very nice too.

(23 Feb '11, 19:08) krst

Even if I do not like the big top buttons, I will definitely give a vote for making it open-source :)

(28 Jun '11, 07:26) sorin

this one looks nice and clean!

(12 Mar '12, 03:36) riolococo

I've been working on a new theme called Darby which you can download here or see in action at my site www.pathgenie.com

It has a new colour scheme, a custom header and footer and general tweaks and enhancements.

It seems to be working well across browsers but I'm sure there are some little kinks to work out so do your own due diligence before putting it on a production site.

In a future iteration I'll probably implement css3pie into the code so that the rounded corners render properly in IE (seems to work in Chrome and Firefox fine).

alt text

One thing I've implemented that people might find useful are speech clouds for comments (see picture below).

alt text

Let me know what you think. All comments welcome. Cheers :)


answered 18 May '11, 17:05

Mark%20Welden%20Smith's gravatar image

Mark Welden ...
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Use you own customized theme... like me...

I made available my personalization to the whole community in my Bitbucket repo, feel free to use it if it worth it.

my theme


answered 23 Feb '11, 16:05

joe%20di%20castro's gravatar image

joe di castro
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edited 23 Feb '11, 16:32


Thank you. I've used your style.css, with just a couple of tweaks to font weights and layout. I do like it. Thanks for your work, and for sharing it.

(10 Apr '11, 06:34) Andrew_S ♦

Hello. Thanks for your skin, it looks realy good, but: I've downloaded it from you repo several weeks ago and today, I found I cannot add comment to any question. If I enable default skin, sending comments works, with yours skin its broken.

(05 Jun '11, 16:53) Vlastimil Sl...

Hi Vlastimil Slinták. I'm only using joe di castro's css, not the html or javascript - I'd guess it's one of the latter two causing the problem. You might be using a different version of OSQA. Maybe yours is a later one that uses CSRF, and the CSRF tags aren't in Joe's template. Or maybe there's a problem with the javascript. Did you find that the skin used to work, and then stopped working after you updated your OSQA? AFAIK, Joe can be contacted via http://joedicastro.com/joe_di_castro

(06 Jun '11, 04:15) Andrew_S ♦

Hi @Vlastimil Slinták, @Andrew_S is right, my personalization is based on version SVN-737, probably yours is later, then use only the .CSS file. I had not worked even with later versions, and I had not updated it yet, but if in the future I do, I'll update the repository. Sorry for the inconveniences.

(06 Jun '11, 07:13) joe di castro

@Andrew_S, @joe di castro — Thank you. I'm using the newest version from SVN so I used majibu css only and now, everything works fine. With majibu templates, when I want to post comment, django returns 403, so maybe it is CSRF problem.

(06 Jun '11, 07:27) Vlastimil Sl...

@Vlastimil Slinták, I'm glad everything works for you properly now!

(06 Jun '11, 07:39) joe di castro

@Vlastimil Slinták, Is it readly safe to use only CSS with later OSQA version? Will I get these nice round boxes for tags?

(28 Jun '11, 05:34) Shrike

I've used CSS only and everything looks fine. http://qa.uart.cz

(28 Jun '11, 07:01) Vlastimil Sl...

Your theme looks really cool! Thanks for sharing!

(25 Aug '11, 17:55) blestxplorer
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Hat tip to @Eric of orthoQA for this attractive skin: alt text


answered 05 Jun '11, 10:11

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Andrew_S ♦
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Seems to be more than a simple skin, it's a complete personalization!

(06 Jun '11, 08:05) joe di castro

Wow. Very nice theme. It'd cool to have it open sourced.

(06 Jun '11, 15:22) Shrike

orthoqa is down

(06 Jun '11, 18:28) DealsVista_com

That is really really really cool. Wish it is open sourced.

(06 Jun '11, 18:29) DealsVista_com

I like this a lot. Good work! Going to take a few ideas for my skin :-)

(29 Jul '11, 19:40) MarkSwanb

My own tweak to the theme - just a small one - adding a tick to the "answer count" box, for those questions where an answer has been accepted, on the lists of questions

alt text

And the CSS tweak is this:

.answered-accepted, .answer-votes.answered-accepted {
    background: url("../images/vote-accepted-on.png") no-repeat scroll top left #E6F8DD !important;

answered 08 Apr '11, 05:33

Andrew_S's gravatar image

Andrew_S ♦
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why add the check if its already green..

(09 Apr '11, 08:28) geocine

I think it looks good. I think it's good ergonomics. And it was easy to do.

I didn't know what the green background meant, when I started using the software. All I saw was that different numbers of answers had different colours. The tick makes a lot of sense to me. It's the same tick I click to accept an answer. A tick one place, and a green colour in another place, doesn't make much sense. Repetition and standardisation do make sense. Having just a few consistent signifiers makes for a better interface.

(09 Apr '11, 08:45) Andrew_S ♦

Linking to an alternate CSS file, here - http://meta.osqa.net/questions/4936/alternate-templates


answered 01 May '11, 13:33

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Andrew_S ♦
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Also download firebug for firefox and you can make your edits via the browser to see if you like what you are doing.


This is what I am currently using to test a lot of my custom scripting and CSS


answered 30 Jul '11, 12:30

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I'd done a lot of work on cleaning up the default theme for an internal project and figured I'd create a patch to replace the default theme:

alt text

Patch is on http://jira.osqa.net/browse/OSQA-810 . Based in part on the Majibu theme. I'm also making this available to anyone under GPLv3.


answered 25 Feb '12, 18:13

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Danny Thomas
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rickross ♦♦

I've used your design, thanks, it's very nice =)

(29 Feb '12, 14:42) egorych

See this thread for a list of the other improvements I've made. Some of these include additional tweaks to the theme:


(29 Feb '12, 15:21) Danny Thomas

We focused our redesign on cleaning up the top-navigation and creating greater separation between the primary actions (asking/answering) and the browsing tabs. We also felt the search bar needed to get moved pretty dramatically, and the radio buttons were over complicated. Here's a screenshot of our latest design (re-design coming in future versions).

alt text


answered 02 Mar '12, 17:55

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edited 02 Mar '12, 17:56

p.s. Yes, we bootstrapped part of it. You can check out the css live at www.careervillage.org

(02 Mar '12, 17:57) jac

@jac how did you change the position of all the elements. I really like the new arrangement and grouping of navigation elements.

(13 Mar '12, 08:03) rcopper

Heres my take on the custom CSS, available at https://github.com/vulkman/osqa/blob/master/osqa.css



answered 26 Jul '13, 12:50

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