First I want to note that I hope that OSQA project will become a very successful project.

The original author of CNPROG Mike Chen recommended me to look at OSQA but when I visited webpage I checked the section Who we are, but this was empty.

Over the time I seen lots of open source projects dying because they failed to gain a critical mass of core developers: people able to commit code to main branch and maintain it. I learnt, the hard way, that having a project dependent on only one man is to risky (in some cases this concept could be extended even to organizations - having an open source project depending on only one organization can be risky too).

Which are the developers behind the OSQA project? - those who can commit to main branch or make other decisions regarding the future. Is there a team?

It will be very important to have a defined manifest / scope that will clarify the relation with original project, a way of communicating (sometimes a mailing list could be better than meta) and how the contributions are made/accepted.

Also, who is assuring that the OSQA website, Atlassian wiki and bug tracker (Jira) are going to be available? Isn't better just to rely on Google Code for and get all of these for free?

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I think we really need a page with people and their roles.

(11 Mar '10, 08:26) sorin

OSQA is being built by a group of developers who each had an interest in the original CNProg project or who became involved after OSQA was organized as a project in early 2010.

The site and project are backed by DZone, which is providing all the hosting as well as funding for one of the core developer's ongoing, full-time work on the project. The project website, the meta-site, the Jira and the wiki are assured to be available for the long-term.


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