Are there any email lists for OSQA users and developers? If so, how do I subscribe?

asked 29 Dec '09, 09:41

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rickross ♦♦
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edited 18 Apr '10, 13:46

Yes, there are OSQA mailing lists for both users and for developers. List volume is low, and other lists will be added as the need arises. The general list information page is: http://lists.osqa.net/mailman/listinfo. Currently available lists include:

  • OSQA-Users - A general discussion list for OSQA users and site admins
  • OSQA-Dev - A discussion list for those interested in developing and customizing OSQA

You can subscribe and unsubscribe directly from the list info pages.


answered 29 Dec '09, 09:44

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rickross ♦♦
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edited 18 Apr '10, 13:44


Do you have a blog or twitter?

(19 Apr '10, 04:52) ripper234 ♦

@ripper234, yes to both, but these are good questions in their own right. This probably shouldn't be answered in a comment.

(19 Apr '10, 05:08) rickross ♦♦

Are these lists still active? I just sent an email to dev@lists.osqa.net and got a bounce message from dev@lists.dzone.com.

(04 Mar '11, 07:32) gperrow

looks like tumbleweed is blowing through these mailing lists to me!

(05 Apr '11, 10:35) James Crowley

@James - Somehow there seems to have been a collective community decision simply to use meta.osqa.net (which I suppose is eating our own dog food, anyway.)

(05 Apr '11, 11:07) rickross ♦♦

@rickross btw, don't know about you, but I don't get any email notifications when you reference me in a comment

(06 Apr '11, 10:39) James Crowley

@James, check your user profile. You probably don't have them turned on.

(06 Apr '11, 10:53) rickross ♦♦

@James, I have updated the DNS to include a (hopefully) correct SPF record. Let's see if this one gets to you?

(06 Apr '11, 11:26) rickross ♦♦
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I would really appreciate if you could create a google group for the mailing list. You don't have to move the mailing list but only subscribe the google group address to it. This will really improve mailing list accessibility. If you want I can arrange this.

PS. Sorry for not commenting due to lack of karma.


answered 07 Mar '10, 11:49

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I am also in favor of this.

(07 Mar '10, 16:27) Joseph

actually I agree too!

(08 Mar '10, 14:33) Evgeny Fadeev

I subscribed to the empty OSQA google group

(13 Apr '10, 00:35) gsempe

Where is it? I want to subscribe as well.

(19 Apr '10, 04:53) ripper234 ♦

The lists are on GNU Mailman at http://lists.osqa.net/mailman/listinfo, but we may add archive support for them on Google Groups. Still, the Google Groups will be read-only, and you should subscribe to the actual lists themselves to participate.

(19 Apr '10, 05:10) rickross ♦♦
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