I would like to get the installation guide for DreamHost. Is there anybody finished installation on Dreamhost.

asked 24 Apr '10, 02:09

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Soe Thiri
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rickross ♦♦

Hi Soe, there's a recipe for Installing OSQA on Dreamhost on the wiki. It should provide step-by-step details to help you get your new OSQA site up and running on Dreamhost. Enjoy!

Also, if you'd like a one-click OSQA installer on Dreamhost, then please vote here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Remember, OSQA has answers!


answered 24 Apr '10, 11:27

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Hernani Cerq... ♦♦
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rickross ♦♦

Thanks for your information. It's really useful for me.

(24 Apr '10, 12:02) Soe Thiri

Just tried this tutorial, works like a charm :)

(26 Apr '10, 09:57) Sim

Hi Rick,

I got this question, how to put .py file so that I can refer to it from my OSQA script ?

On my local machine, I put it in C:Python25Libsite-packages, on Dreamhost, following your Wiki, I put it in ~/local/lib/site-packages but seems like I can't import that file from my OSQA script

(26 Apr '10, 21:53) Sim

After struglling for almost one month to get OSQA working on my dreamhost account I have now created a tutorial for installing OSQA on Dreamhost Shared Hosting.

I have seen a lot of comments on this forum saying rather than wasting time on dreamhost, people should get preinstalled services from Webfaction which I feel is waste of money if you already hold unlimited shared hosting with Dreamhost.

This tutorial works only with dreamhost and is not meant for any other hosting. It uses passenger.wsgi. The older tutorial listed on the OSQA wiki is almost 2 years old and few things have changed now.

Please see the tutorial here



answered 17 Sep '12, 06:38

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