Let's start keeping a list of sites using OSQA. Here's a beginning, and this is marked "community wiki" so you can feel free to edit and add your site, too. Just add your link to the bottom of the list!

Edit by @Andrew_S - I cleaned this list up a bit, sorted it by question count, and grouped by site size. The sorter python script is here; kudos and thanks to @ripper234 for the great code which I've merely extended a bit. As of 2015 there are some issues with parsing some dozens sites, see output: http://paste.debian.net/168440/

Very big sites (>5000 questions and >1000 users)

Big sites (>1000 questions and >1000 users)

Medium sites (100-1000 questions, 100-1000 users) (both over 100, but not both over 1000)

Young sites (<100 questions or <100 users)

Private / intranet users

  • UCL Energy Institute uses OSQA as an issue-tracker shared with its consortium partners on two of its projects.
This question is marked "community wiki".

asked 15 Feb '10, 20:06

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Gerald Combs
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edited 23 Apr, 06:37

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i love the wiki logo, very catchy

(26 May '10, 13:35) debug

will we ever be able to see stats on these? number of users/ questions/ activity etc.?

(29 Jun '10, 11:49) Kev Riley

We can say that there's one osqa website which has 6.000 questions 30.000 answers and 2.500 users in two weeks of activity. In the first weekend, during one night got about 500.000 page views or something like that. That's the best proof of scalability we have so far, for the ones that are really concerned about it.

(30 Jun '10, 06:43) Hernani Cerq... ♦♦

@Kev Riley, we have considered adding an optional "ping-o-matic" type of stat reporter that sites could allow to update a master list with stats. Additionally, it would help us notify them when updates are available, and we could monitor for uptime and problems. Today, however, none of this is implemented.

(30 Jun '10, 08:49) rickross ♦♦

I think the list should be separated to sections, similar to http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/4/list-of-stackexchange-1-0-sites

(13 Sep '10, 08:46) ripper234 ♦

nice one ripper. thanks for the sort; the list was getting a little out of hand

(12 Apr '11, 14:41) debug

i love the wiki logo

(04 Sep '11, 06:40) openqs

@Al Ummat - Your "50,900-60,000 users" are mainly auto-generated by spammers. If you check the recent users list of Islam.com, you will see them being created every few minutes. Someone might be gearing up for a major spam attack, or mass spam profile seeding, of your site. Suggest you do something about it ASAP

(14 Aug '12, 02:59) Joe_Schmoe

Today, however, none of this is implemented.

(14 Oct '12, 00:03) Trần Văn Dũng

Can we have Rugatu added to the gallery? please

(14 Oct '12, 04:21) Trần Văn Dũng
(04 Nov '12, 17:22) Thomas King
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The best place to see a list of sites running OSQA is the gallery at the main OSQA website. Also, if you have a new OSQA site that you'd like to list in the gallery, please let us know! We would be delighted to help promote your site whenever we can.


answered 07 Apr '10, 16:06

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rickross ♦♦
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edited 22 May '10, 14:07


I think that such a post as this is excellent, and is a better place to handle the list of sites than the gallery. People can add sites as answers to this question, and be ranked by the community.

(23 May '10, 13:10) ripper234 ♦

Yea... but that only lists a few out of hundreds of sites that are running the software.

(03 Oct '10, 13:30) Noah Rainey
(31 Jan '11, 22:03) Chris Pirillo

lockergnome.net is full of people unlike Chris, that's the problem. Chris you are better than those other jerks at lockergnome.net

(28 Apr '11, 18:13) Jameel Alayyan

Can we have Rugatu added to the gallery? please

(23 Jul '12, 17:29) Rugatu

The default footer currently says: "powered by cnprog platform", not "powered by osqa".


answered 17 Feb '10, 16:27

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wikified 26 May '10, 13:28

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rickross ♦♦


Should that be considered a bug? It makes it hard to tell which code base a site is using.

(17 Feb '10, 18:16) Gerald Combs

NMR wiki footer is fixed! Thanks for reminding.

(21 Feb '10, 19:50) Evgeny Fadeev

yes we will update it in the default skin footer as well.

(21 Feb '10, 19:52) Evgeny Fadeev

Yes, when I put up the initial osqa.net site last month I just used the newly forked code. I expect we'll migrate the site to the refactored codebase this coming week.

(21 Feb '10, 21:50) rickross ♦♦

answered 24 Feb '12, 05:40

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We'll also migrate http://homeschoolhelpdesk.com to OSQA as soon as the StackExchange finally give us the ability to export our data. It looks like it may come as soon as this week. Yay!!


answered 21 Feb '10, 21:49

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rickross ♦♦
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wikified 26 May '10, 13:31

Stackoverfow-like skin created specially for developers. Any suggestions are welcome in comments.


answered 14 Sep '10, 06:52

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hey nice skin.. like it :)

(14 Sep '10, 06:59) pgardiye

Thanks for the skin!

(28 Feb '13, 21:18) Scott McCulloch

The NMR wiki Q&A site is using OSQA (or I assume it is since it looks like it and is run by Evgeny Fadeev.


answered 20 Feb '10, 21:12

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Anton Gerasc...
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My own osqa site cientifi.net


answered 17 Sep '10, 13:46

miguidotcom's gravatar image

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answered 17 Sep '10, 17:47

xerophyte's gravatar image

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I have a site runnning OSQA http://sn50.com


answered 03 Oct '10, 12:11

Noah%20Rainey's gravatar image

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Danatarin.com is Q&A community based on osqa for Information Technology questions in Persian


answered 15 Nov '10, 07:20

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