I've been working on OSQA internally for a project and I'm keen not to diverge too far from SVN trunk. We've been really impressed with OSQA and have benefited from other's work here, so this is also a way of paying back a little.

What's the process for requesting for patches to be reviewed/landed in SVN?

I'd much prefer to send pull requests - Git's SVN bridge works great and I assume https://github.com/OSQA belongs to the project? I understand SVN is used internally, but it'd actually be really easy for one of the project engineers to keep a git clone of the SVN repo internally and push and pull to the GitHub repository from there, merging work back to SVN over the bridge.

Here's the basics: Effectively Using Git with Subversion

One word of warning though. If you're on Windows, all of these bridge implementations will cause you all end of problems if your line ending support isn't properly configured. Make sure you use LF everywhere except in the Git working directory - otherwise merge conflicts will make this impossible:

Help.GitHub - Line endings

IMO it'd be well worth the time having someone learn how to do this. I've seen a lot of chatter here about people wanting to contribute in this way.

Major New Functionality

Since I first posted these patches, I've added an entirely new theme, endless pagination and PJAX support to OSQA. It's very stable and massively improves the frontend experience when using OSQA. Background here:



Changes are available on my OSQA-SVN/OSQA fork on GitHub - https://github.com/BinaryRage/OSQA

Each commit is linked from the JIRA issue. Add .patch to the end of the URL to generate a patch. The entire set will apply cleanly to SVN 1230. Enjoy!

  • OSQA-779: Fix accept rate calulation. Now reflects the expected behaviour of end-users used to Stack Exchange sites
  • OSQA-809: Includes summaries on the 'Question' and 'Unanswered' tabs. The index page is now a summary page, and the Questions tab is not selected
  • OSQA-810: Improved default theme for OSQA
  • OSQA-811: Replace WMD with PageDown. PageDown is the reverse engineered and improved version of WMD used at Stack Exchange. Also fixes the text area grippie that should appear at the bottom of the editor, but was lost in the style transition from CNPROG. AJAX upload isn't wired up however, so if someone on the core team could give an opinion on effort on that and if that's something you can manage internally great, otherwise I'll see if I can look at it in the next few weeks (it's not a core requirement for our project, but I did need to fix the editor)
  • OSQA-814: Google Libraries API - allow to be turned off in favor of local resources, fix mixed content warnings when using SSL
  • OSQA-815: Configurable resource minification. Turns off minification is the setting is disabled or DEBUG is enabled. Includes both Google API and local files, media tag looks for <filename>.min<ext> in the media directory
  • OSQA-816: Improved Markdown autolink extension. Better handles punctuation and includes question titles if raw links link to a question
  • OSQA-817: Load Google API resources directly. Combine jQuery/UI when loaded locally. Configurable CSS sprite support with automated generation
  • OSQA-818: Slightly improved English locale. Capitalisation for the tab labels, improve badge and question sort descriptions
  • OSQA-820: Configurable anonymous voting
  • OSQA-663: Add setting to display real name instead of screen name
  • OSQA-425: LDAP authentication module updated slightly to work on latest code
  • OSQA-821: Related question results now show whether questions have answers
  • OSQA-826: Highlight important questions

Other things I'm considering are in GitHub issues. I'll add them to JIRA if I get around to them:



New Theme

New default theme

New Autolinker

New autolinker that doesn't include punctuation and adds question titles

Web Config Panel

Web config panel for added fronted optimisations

New Editor with Grippie

PageDown editor with fixed grippie

Answer display

Answer display in related questions search

Interesting tags

Highlighting of interesting tags

asked 27 Feb '12, 06:50

Danny%20Thomas's gravatar image

Danny Thomas
accept rate: 39%

edited 31 May '12, 05:30

@Danny Thomas the period is breaking the link https://github.com/BinaryRage/OSQA

(27 Feb '12, 14:11) Michael1

Thanks! Looks like the auto-linker needs a bug fix :) Always happy when someone else has done the work for me too:


(27 Feb '12, 15:05) Danny Thomas

Great job, Danny. Thank you very much for your contribution. I applied your patches to my site and I hope dzone will apply those to the trunk.

(29 Feb '12, 15:47) Michael1

@Danny Thomas don't you think it's a good idea to avoid https access on non-secure pages by using protocol-relative URLs? Check this stackoverflow question:


(01 Mar '12, 10:49) Michael1

Did you have a problem with the change? That SO question is talking about opposite situation: non-https resources in a https page. Having https resources within a non-secure page shouldn't a problem. I've never come across protocol relative URLs before, even the Google Analytics snippet uses JavaScript to determine the protocol, interesting approach, but I wonder if it's universally supported.

I had already considered improving this some more to dynamically change protocol, these scripts are referenced in two locations, it's not a big deal. I suppose it's a trade-off: you get some level of host verification but incur an additional overhead of SSL handshake round trips (until NPN/SPDY sees widespread adoption).

Edit: Oh, this explains the GA thing. Protocol relative URLs it is! http://paulirish.com/2010/the-protocol-relative-url/ https://github.com/BinaryRage/OSQA/commit/e00e9bf6e9abeead1d41fd0c6d9d7dd5c6412285

(01 Mar '12, 13:43) Danny Thomas

My concern is with unnecessary https overhead.

(01 Mar '12, 14:25) Michael1

Yep, it's at least two additonal round trips. Commit in the last comment.

(01 Mar '12, 17:14) Danny Thomas

Great initiative! I too was patching OSQA trunk to fix some bugs and didn't know when/if the patches will land in trunk. Expect some pull requests :-)

(11 Mar '12, 07:52) Cd-MaN

I'm really glad people are contributing to this project, I lost my programming connections a few years ago (PHP/MySQL) when I became a professional digital marketer. Marketing is a great skill to have when promoting a Q&A community quickly, but not great if you want to add code. Hopefully I can catchup in Django and be part of the dev conversation with you guys.

(28 Mar '12, 02:14) CameronBurns
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